Tips for Ramping Up Your Walking Regime

Have you fallen into a fitness rut spending more time on the sofa with your remote than hitting the trails in your athletic shoes? It’s just as easy to emerge from that rut as it is to remain inactive. The side effects of a lethargic lifestyle will rapidly take their toll on both your mental and physical health. Weight gain, onset diabetes, high blood pressure and mild depression are just the beginning of a downward spiral of a sedentary lifestyle. Treat yourself to some basic physical activity and it will pay off in spades. Turn off the noise from nearly every major media outlet on the latest fitness and diet crazes that have little chance of long term impact. The goal is to develop a regime that you enjoy and can become a sustainable habit. Follow these recommendations from the fitness gurus to jump start your healthy new life style.

Grab a pair of athletic shoes, a friend or your favorite playlist and commit to simply taking a brisk walk for thirty minutes four to five times per week. No doubt this is a mere fraction of the time you’re spending on the sofa with your remote. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and snag a Fred Myers Jewelers coupon and invest in a watch with a stop watch feature. For the first few weeks, don’t focus on speed or distance. The goal is to develop a healthy walking habit. Duration and frequency should be your primary goal. Within a few short weeks you’ll truly begin to feel the side effects of a healthy walking regime. Increased stamina, stronger ore muscles and a new sense of being all accompanying a healthy walking regime.

Beginning with week three, your goal is to increase your heart rate. Accomplish this by introducing speed spurts into your walks. Using the timer on your watch, set it to beep at three minute intervals. For the first three minutes, walk at a brisk pace to warm up. Follow this by three minutes of very fast paced walking. This pace will elevate your heart rate which will increase your metabolism, cardiovascular capacity and valorize burn. Who doesn’t want to burn more calories? Be sure to seek out new venues for your walk. Boredom is the chief reason many quit this healthy walking regime. Best of luck to you!