Reduce & Eliminate Pain with Physical Therapy

Unless you are extraordinarily lucky, it is unlikely that you will go through life without suffering an injury. Such instances are never pleasant. Whether you hurt your back, your leg, your shoulder, or even suffer from chronic pain, injuries can affect your life in more ways than one. 

Furthermore, as pain medication doesn’t always solve the problem, and you could risk the injury returning, you need to look for another solution. The best solution for such injury woes is physical therapy. But why is it so beneficial for you? 

Physical Therapy Can Reduce and Eliminate Pain

Whether it’s chronic pain, discomfort from inflammation after surgery, or following an injury during sport or exercise, physical therapy can reduce or eliminate pain. Techniques including soft tissue and joint mobilization, in addition to this, ultrasound or electrical stimulation help to return your muscles and joints to pre-issue levels. Through this, you can live without discomfort and even increase any recovery time.  

Physical Therapy Can Improve Mobility

Similarly, those who have trouble standing, walking, running, or doing any movement regardless of whether you’re a 28 or 88 will find that physical therapy can do wonders to make you more mobile. 

The stretching exercises undertaken by physical therapists ease you into increasing your range of motion for joints. At the same time, strengthening exercises will also make you capable of handling standing weight and impact from walking or running more comfortable. As each patient undergoes a customized plan, everyone is capable of benefiting from the right PT program. 

Physical Therapy Can Manage Aging Issues

As much as you might want to forget about it, there’s nothing you can do about growing old. However, while you can’t stop the years ticking by, you can slow the effects of aging through physical therapy, meaning that you’re able to do just as much as a 70-year-old as you were as half of that. 

Issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis are common in the elderly, as is joint replacement. However, with physical therapy treatment, you can explore low-impact solutions to minimizing potential damage to bones and joints. Even if you do require surgery, physical therapy can help you recover and get your strength back. 

Physical Therapy Can Reduce Heart and Lung Problems

Physical therapy is not all about bones, muscles, and joints. It can also benefit heart and lung issues. It is frequently used following cardiovascular treatment, especially if day-to-day functions are affected. Furthermore, by using specialized PT breathing exercises, you can increase lung capacity and work to clear fluid from the lungs if you have experienced pulmonary issues. 

Physical Therapy Can Help Everybody

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their everyday life and do whatever they please. Recovering from injuries and eliminating pain is the first step to doing so. If you believe that physical therapy may be beneficial for you or someone you know, Intecore Physical Therapy provides a professional and careful experience for everybody. Feel free to get in touch today to find out what services we offer for you.