Ease the Wait for Medical Test Results

It can be nerve-wracking to wait for test results after you have visited a center for advanced imaging Toms River NJ. There are a few ways that you can ease the hours or days until you get the phone call from your doctor’s office.

Make Sure You Have Accurate Information

Your doctor orders tests to confirm a suspected diagnosis based on your case history and complaints. Talk to your doctor before your tests to make sure you understand why the test was ordered and what the results might mean. Avoid spending too much time on the internet researching your symptoms. Many internet sites are not reliable sources of medical information.

Distract Yourself With Activities

People have different personalities with regard to how they deal with uncertainty. The more that you are able to handle an uncertain future, the easier you will likely find your wait for results. 

Distract yourself with activities that you enjoy. Exercise, such as taking walks outdoors and gardening, will generate endorphins and decrease your anxiety. Go to a silly kids’ movie at a theater and spend a couple of hours laughing at the animated characters. Read a steamy romance novel, if that entices you. 

Avoid ruminating for hours on what the test results may mean. Snap a rubber band on your wrist to remind yourself to stop your anxious thoughts.

Seek Support of Friends and Family

Friends and family can help by listening to your worries and providing perspective. They may help you make concrete plans for how you would deal with the possible outcomes of your medical test. 

Ask a friend or family member to accompany you to the appointment where you will get your test results. Or, plan to call the person immediately after the doctor’s office calls. Planning ahead for this assistance can be reassuring. In addition, the companion can take notes and ask questions that you might not think to ask during a stressful time.

With these strategies, you can ease the wait for your imaging results.