Kratom Varieties From Kalimantan

KratomVarieties From Kalimantan. The most important factor of any alternative treatment regimen is learning about the supplements we use.
Sometimes the name of the drug itself can be an enlightening and confusing milestone on the way to health.

That’s because when kratom first started exporting from Indonesia to the west, some Borneo-grown products were brought to the port of Bali for shipping.

Over time, both names are used to refer to the same product.

So, if you have read about Bornean products and can only find Bali available online for purchase, or vice versa, it’s a good bet that both refer to products grown in Kalimantan.

The good news is, both Kalimantan and Bali-name products are considered sophisticated, high-quality varieties with various desirable effects for the mind and body.

Just select the color of the plant that is known to influence your search and you can’t go wrong.


Kratom Borneo is another name for Mitragyna Speciosa or Daun Puri, which comes from a village in the interior of Borneo.

Borneo Kratom Types are divided into 4 types, namely: Red Veins, White Veins, Green Veins, and Kratom Horns.

Borneo Kratom is a type of Herbal Medicine that is available in tea and capsule form.

The color of the central veins in the leaves of the kratom tree holds the key to the type of effect you will experience when you consume them.
As online reports sometimes alternate colors with general effects, let’s just discuss what you can expect from each type of Bornean leaf.

Best Kratom Strain Users

  1. Red Borneo
    Take this tension when you are looking for maximum relaxation.
    Red strains like Red Bali are known to have a more soothing, calming effect. They also choose the best for pain management. The fine analgesic quality of the famous red leaf from Kalimantan.
  2. White Borneo
    In general White Borneo kratom leaf forms are best taken to relieve feelings of depression, lethargy, and lack of focus. You can expect energy-filled days from tension, without coffee anxiety.
  3. Borneo Green
    Excellent all-around Green Borneo Kratom Variety includes the best of both other color strains. Most users take to improve overall mood, often lifting to the level of euphoria. Green Borneo is also widely known for relieving aches and pains from chronic conditions. This makes it possible to focus on work while relieving stress and anxiety.

What prevents the effects of a mixture of counter-acting with each other?

As with all elements of nature, when using natural plant-based products, the overall effect tends towards harmony. Each individual’s effects complement the strain and even enhance each other, instead of canceling each other out.

Whether it is called Bali or Borneo Kratom, all useful plant products from the largest island in Asia are loved for the same reason: feelings of natural relaxation, ethereal and eternal energy, and a number of mood-enhancing benefits including stress relief and easing depression-related symptoms. That makes this tropical island vacation you won’t want to miss. Borneo Kratom powder and capsules … Read More...

Different Types of Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is the process of creating a visual picture of a body’s interior that is most commonly used for diagnosing and treatment. In comparison to other forms of examination, it is considered noninvasive, making it a powerful tool for patient care. The most common types of medical imaging are x-ray, MRI, sonography and CT.


In x-ray imaging, medical digital imaging technicians obtain images of an individual’s anatomy. This is used for examination of various body systems such as the digestive system and skeletal system. Many people have experienced x-ray digital imaging at some point in their lives as it is commonly used for evaluating common issues such as potential broken bones.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI scanners are used to conduct closer examinations of areas that cannot be easily observed via x-rays or CT scans. Magnetic resonance imaging is ideal for evaluating soft tissue areas and uses radio and magnetic waves to help view the interiors of various internal structures. MRI scans are commonly used to obtain images of the brain.


Sonography, more commonly referred to as ultrasound, uses sound waves to create an image of an individual’s interior anatomy. It is considered the safest method of obtaining medical images. Sonography is used for pregnancy in addition to examinations of cardiac and spinal structures. It is also used for the evaluation of various other internal organs because it is an easy choice for many due to the low risk involved.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography is used to obtain digital images of all forms of tissue. With the aid of x-rays, CT scans (also called CAT scans) obtain cross-section pictures of the individual and allow for an in-depth examination of everything from the skeletal system to the vasculature.

Medical imaging allows in-depth examinations to be conducted without invasive procedures. By understanding the benefits that each form of medical imaging provides, the best type can be selected based upon an individual’s needs.… Read More...