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All About Secondary Air Injection Repair

In terms of ECM or Engine Control Module P0410 code refers to secondary air injection system malfunction. What cause P0410 code or secondary air injection system malfunction? One reason for secondary air injection system malfunction is if there is low airflow into the exhaust, which happens when there is blockage into the air injection system air intake. If the oxygen sensors respond slow to increased oxygen in the exhaust, then this may also result to secondary air injection malfunction. It may also be a result of a partly clogged catalyst which increases back pressure in the exhaust. The same is true with the air injection pump relaying contacts not making any contact.

How do you know that your vehicle is suffering from secondary air injection malfunction? The Check Engine Light is illuminated and the code is set to ECM memory and freeze frame. What are the diagnostic procedure used by auto mechanics for secondary air injection malfunction? When it comes to the method on how P0410 or secondary air injection malfunction is diagnosed by an auto mechanic, it generally involves scanning of codes and documentation of the freeze frame data (to identify the root cause of the problem), clearing the engine codes and retesting the secondary air injection system (to detect proper operation), repairing any oxygen sensor or other codes (prior to P0410 diagnosis), monitoring the oxygen sensor pid using a scanner (to observe sensor reaction when the air injection pump is activated), checking the air injection replay for source of power, checking for the right resistance between the ground and pins of power, and replacing a slow oxygen sensor and retesting the entire system.

What are the usual mistakes in the diagnosis of secondary air injection malfunction? The common mistakes of diagnosing secondary air injection malfunction or P0410 code include not checking the air injection pump relay for burnt wire connections prior to replacement of an air injection pump, and not checking for proper intake air flow into the air injection pump prior to air pump replacement. If there is secondary air injection malfunction or P0410 code, your vehicle may fail the emission testing. Same is true with a check engine light that is on. In order to repair the malfunctioning secondary air injection system, the air injection pump and power relay must be replaced, the oxygen sensors that are sluggish must be replaced, and the air injection intake filter clogged with dust and debris must be replaced.

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