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What to do while Handling a Band Saw

Is carpentry something you enjoy or just working with wood? Then with this in mind a band saw will certainly come in handy. There are many uses you can put a band saw to and hence good wood shop will not lack one. Band saws are desirable for the ease with which one can cut curves on wood and generally for the freehand cutting ability. Band saws are also handy when it comes to resawing. One could say band saws are different and the same taking into account the fundamental components are the same. It consists of a band of steel with teeth rotating on two wheels and passing through a table. It also has guides and bearings that hold the blade in position. You will merely put a wooden board on the cutting table and push it through the running blade. This article takes a deeper insight on how to use a band saw.

A good starting point is cleaning the machine. Cleaning the dust and any leftover wood chips can make an enormous disparity in the quality of cut you get once you start operations. The blades you are using will be the next assessment stage once you are through with cleanup. The right perspective here should be a using the proper blade for the right job. There should be a correlation between the blade and the job. A change might be needed to get a smoother or rougher cut.

Blade guides and guards are now to be examined. The blade guides normally keep the blade level and in place. The guides come in two sets with one set higher and the other lower. If you desire a fine cut, then the guides must be relatively close to each other. The blade guard, on the other hand, should be close to the wood being cut. You want to avoid having an exposed blade running at very high speeds for small cuts for safety’s sake. Therefore, check its level before cutting starts.

Now, for safety purposes, it is advisable to keep your band saw unplugged when not in use. The purpose of this is to enhance your safety as you change blades or clean. Once cutting is done, proceed to unplug the band saw. At this juncture, release the blade tension especially if you don’t intend to use the band saw for a while. This will prevent metal fatigue which will result in premature metal breakage. Lastly, it is prudent to clean your band saw now that you are done using it to prep it for next time.

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