The Path To Finding Better Security

Making the Most Out of Your Security Workforce

Your choice of a security service provider can have a great impact on your organization’s safety and security. Thus, you have to partner with one that is fully committed to upholding your security program and organizational culture.

Below are the most crucial steps you can take to maximize your benefits from your security staff:

Supervision System for Security Guards

An effective supervision system for security guards is among the main components you should look for in a security company. Otherwise, you may end up with guards who lack training, motivation and reliability. Random spot checks, guard check-ins and the use of guard tour tracking systems are some of the features of a good guard supervision program.

Guard Training Background

If you’re not happy with your current security guards, most probably, they didn’t get enough training before they started working in your organization. To make the most of your security workforce, evaluate the orientation provided by your contractor. First, did they provide the training on site, meaning, at your property? Who provided the training and what were their credentials? How long did each guard train?

Guard Qualifications

In most states, guards have to satisfy certain training requirements before they get a license. Know your own state’s requirements and ensure that your prospective contractor’s guards are fully compliant. In addition, you should be able to personally interview every guard before they are deployed to your property. This interview will help you decide whether the guard is a good fit for your organization. If not, the provider can give you another candidate.

Performing Unannounced Inspections

Every now and then, you have to check with the guards unannounced just to see what’s happening when you’re not around. If you’d rather not do this yourself, hiring a third-party security consultant can be a good alternative. Refrain from hiring another security guard company as consultant though as you will most likely get biased results.

Regular Contractor Meetings

One of the best easiest ways to maximize your benefits from your security staff is to meet with your contractor regularly. You don’t have to make these meetings formal, or you can even do them on the phone. The idea is just to give your feedback and to ask the provider what can be done to improve any weak points.

Choosing the Right Contractor
At the end of the day, it can all be about hiring the right security service provider. Spend time screening prospects, and consider at least two or three different contractors rather than just one. This gives you options for comparison, leading to a wiser choice.

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