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Here Are Tricks To Help One Thrive In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

If you are looking for as free to play game to install on your mobile phone dragon ball z dokkan battle could be that thing one thing that kills your boredom. Getting the basic knowledge gears one up towards achieving the best and even though with were not a fun of the game, it becomes interesting over time. One thing for sure is that the developers of this game are not slowing down considering that it hit the Japanese market in 2015 and better versions are coming up each year so, get some tips and strategies that will make your gaming experience amazing.

Master The Art If Attacking

Understand ways of becoming stronger than Goku, in as much that is the strongest character trained to fight better than anyone else. If one has a chance of collecting the same colors, it increases your energy, and one’s character stands an opportunity to attack and defeat Goku strongly.

Get In Formation

Most people who are only beginning in dragon ball z dokkan battle game never understand how link skills work and in most cases they are not bothered to understand how that increases their chances of performing well. Learn ways of taking advantage of your characters by putting them in the right formation and that is the purpose of using these link skills, and one has a chance of switching up the characters.

You Are Going On An Unknown Journey

As one plays, they never know what happens next and you just have to wait and see where the game takes you so, be ready to explore and encounter hostile environments.

Have Your Eyes In The Fighters

Check your attackers move because one does not want to be caught off-guard and you have to be ready to take action. If you see them coming at you, ensure that your strongest character has been put in the front which adds your points and minimizes damage.

Understand How The Game Works

Any game requires the player to understand the rules and play a couple of times without expecting to win, just as a way of familiarizing yourself.

Stay With Your Dragon Stones

Consider keeping your dragon stones safe until there is something better to do and never use them to strengthen your party if one lost. Do not be in a hurry to play the game, instead of redeeming them train more to bring your party back up. A new player needs more allies and that is why it is essential to ask for more friends so as to increase your stones to ten which makes the game better.

Remember to check the game daily if you are a starter for there are other things to learn and keep looking for tips to assist in mastering the game.

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